Quarter 2 - 2018


Dear Golfers,

Welcome to the midyear newsletter for 2018. The year has gone past very quickly and with the course in such fantastic shape we would encourage you to get out on the course and enjoy the great conditions over the coming months. We have special promotions on certain days for members and also for guests so please do not hesitate to contact the team at Montgomerie Links to find out the options and specials available for you the member during the summer months.

We are happy to announce the date for the 2018 Club Championships will be Saturday 15th September 2018, this is the premier event for the year and as always we are very sure it will be well received and a full field. The event offers you the member the chance to compete for the “CHAMPIONSHIP” as well as the HCP sections and of course the event offers an excellent opportunity to entertain friends of business clients on the day by inviting them to participate on the day. There will be great prizes on offer and special competitions to compete in on the day, please make sure that you put the date in your golfing calendar.

As always in the summer months we understand some golf course maintenance that includes green coring, this is a vital part of maintain the health and the overall conditions of the greens here at the course. This process allows for aeration of the soil and allows for better penetration of water and nutrients into the soil for healthier and smoother putting surface all year round.

We hope to see you out on the course enjoying in the coming weeks leading up to what we are very sure will be a great Club Championship event in September.

Good golfing!

Taylor Murphy
Director of Golf


The high season for golf of first quarter of 2018 has just gone by with great success for Montgomerie Links Vietnam. Tour operators who are the links between golfers and Montgomerie Links Golf Club have brought the golfers distinct experience.

As our sincere thank you for their support to the club, on 15th April, an intimate buffet night has been held at Montgomerie Links Hotel with over 100 Tour operators. The atmosphere of fun exchanges brought people closer.

Besides, with golf course tour and golf practice, our Tour operators could properly understand and feel the spirit of GOLF - a sport of Green, Oxygen, Light and Foot.


On 29th April, Montgomerie Links Vietnam had successfully held Seafood and Draught Beer Festival welcoming over 450 guests, including local residents from Quang Nam, Danang, tourists from the north and south region as well as foreigners.

Guests have enjoyed golf course tour and golf practice at Montgomerie Links Vietnam. Besides group games and activities have enhanced the teamwork and the close connection among family members, friends, bringing an interesting experience to all the guests.

With seafood buffet and unlimited draught beer, Seafood and Draught Beer Festival at Montgomerie Links Vietnam has certainly left unforgettable impression on the guests and has been truly a significant feature of five-star Montgomerie Links golf course.


In scope of annual golf tournaments held by Montgomerie Links Vietnam in 2018, the Summer Classic 2018 created an interestingly competitive playing field not only for Members of Montgomerie Links in particular, but also local golfers in general and foreign golfers . We are so pleased and happy since the Summer Classic 2018 was successfully held with the participation of 119 golfers nationwide. Once again, we would like to kindly thank our valued members, guests as well as sponsors for supporting Montgomerie Links Vietnam and contributing to the success of this event.

FAMILY FUN DAY - 09/06/2018

Once again, Seafood and Draught Beer festival has been successfully held at Montgomerie Links Vietnam on 23rd June. Inspired by Vietnamese Family Day - 28th June, with the aim to enhance the Family values - Vietnamese culture value - the theme of this event is Family Fun Day. This event has welcomed over 200 guests including families, close friends.

Apart from the golf course tour and golf practice, outside games and activities focus on family theme and World Cup - a hot topic recently. Guests join enthusiastically in all the activities that would be our happiness, satisfaction and motivation for Monty team to bring them more interesting events.

Seafood buffet and unlimited draught beer has always been significant feature of five-star Montgomerie Links golf course. In this occasion, Family Photo Contest has been run from a week before the event date and continued to the end of June. Montgomerie Links do hope that we could receive a lot of photos capturing meaningful moments of family with love sharing.


No. Name Hole Distance and Tee box Date
1 Mr Lim Sun Ki 5 100 yards White Tee 22-Apr-18
2 Mr Kim Jae Hwan 5 100 yards White Tee 26-May-18








“A wonderful course to play on the coast in Da Nang. It is only about 15 minutes out of the center of Da Nang. The course is very well maintained and it offers some challenging approaches. Plenty of bunkers and the greens are large and quite undulating. The facilities are 5 star and the caddies and staff are fantastic.” – StephenSVT (Vung Tau, Vietnam)

“Wife and i decided to play at Montgomerie Links at Danang , despite several other golf courses in the area and we were not disappointed. The golf course has very natural terrain and every hole has good bunkering to make the course challenging for all. Conditions of the golf course could be better but that ‘s because the course has many golfers playing each day , a testament to how popular the course is. Caddies were friendly and knowledgeable and above all else, helpful in our requests. Pls visit Montgomerie Links when you are in Danang , experience links course at Colin’s finest.” – Melvin C

“The golf course is immaculately presented. Extremely good layout. The caddies were great and could communicate in English. The greens had a broader leaf grass on them which Was different to putt on. The clubhouse facilities were excellent. You would not be disappointed playing golf here.” – GaryMorrison (Australia)


As most of the members have observed some work going on near the cart path on the way to the 17th tee.

The area already levelled is a tee for new golf hole. See the attached photo, the hole will be a 130 yard par 3 played from that new tee towards the 14th tees.

The main reason for an extra hole is to allow existing holes to be rested or the re construction of some greens. Re construction of greens is not uncommon and in the case of our course it will be necessary to accommodate the increased number of rounds we are getting year on year. About 9 of the present greens are too small and usually end up in poor condition after our busy winter months.

Greens 13 and 11 are the worst at the moment and re shaping of these greens is necessary. If we have an extra golf hole we can close hole 11 and work on it without disrupting play. Normally if courses carry out big re design work like this on greens they would have to close at least 9 holes for several months. This new hole 16A will allow us to carry out major improvements over the next few years without interfering with play.

This extra hole may be brought in to play on busy days instead of hole 11 that seems to cause a lot of slow play at the moment.

It will also be used during the week to allow us to continue our work without having to stop for golfers, if we have to re turf around a bunker we can get it finished in a day as oppose to several days.

We may also be able to do hollow tinning of greens more often without the golfers having to putt on bad surface while a green recovers.

Most of the work we are doing ourselves to keep the costs down.


Putting Set Up

This is a very important part of the putting process and with an incorrect set up can lead to inconsistent contact and direction control. These points below will help you to achieve both, so be sure to try them to improve your putting.

  1. Putter head flat on the ground – this maximizes the space of the putter face to contact the ball.
  2. Arms hang straight but relaxed – the forearms should align with the putter shaft and then move in a singular line.
  3. The back of the putter aligns with the centre of the body – This position allows for the putter to return to level and square at contact; this will improve the contact and distance control.
  4. Once set up, focus only on keeping your head and spine stable, this will improve the contact and therefore the distance control.

Uneven Lies

This is where the ball is not laying on a flat part of the fairway or in a bunker and is treated as a troublesome situation for many golfers.

Follow these key points to make these shots easier and improve your scores:

  1. Play the ground, not the horizon – most golfers try to set their body to where they want the ball to go when you actually need to set your body angle to the ground.
  2. Keep your angle – if you on an upslope your left foot, left hip and left shoulder will be higher. You need to check at address and maintain through the swing.
  3. Keep the balance stable – after the body angle is set, you need to check that your balance is in the normal position; toward the ball and 50% on each foot.
  4. Swing normal and sweep the ground allowing for good contact.

Until next time, enjoy your golf and remember the Golf Academy is available 7-days per week to improve your game!